Marlborough has a fairly unique high street in that it is exceptionally wide and has parking right down the middle, it’s other defining character is the distinct lack of high street chain stores. There is a distinct lean towards women’s fashion shops and boutiques in and off the main high street. It also has an unusually high number of jewellery shops, however this is possibly due to the high number of tourists visiting the area and the general high cost of living.

The thing which will become immediately apparent when you arrive in Marlborough is the unusually high number of CafĂ©’s, restaurants and bars, both down the high street and on the numerous side alleys which head off of it. On the top end of the scale, both Godot and Coles offer fine dining, the food is high quality, but then again it’s priced to match, you can also find a wide range of mid range food, some from the likes of Ask and Pizza Express, although there are many independent restaurants too, the Italian at the end of the main road is worth a visit, as is the Raj just up the steps opposite and behind the town hall. There are many small cafe’s too, you can stop off for a quick coffee and cake, although many of these also offer sandwiches and in many cases full lunches. Want to munch on the move? No problem, there are plenty of take-aways too including Chinese and a chippy, plus of course most other venues will happily sell food to take away too, so just follow your taste buds if you feel a bit peckish.

Of course, whilst parking down the middle of the high street may seem appealing at first, it can be tricky to find a space, so there are plenty of others dotted around just behind, the largest one being directly behind Waitrose, these tend to be a bit cheaper than parking down the middle too.

If you fancy a day out in Wiltshire, Marlborough is an ideal place to visit with it’s wide range of shops and restaurants.