In today’s culture of making legal claims for compensation for accidents and injuries, video evidence has become increasingly popular.  Fairly often these days, especially in a no win no fee type scenario, the defending party (typically an insurance company or another solicitor) will hire a private detective to catch you out.

If this does happen it can be devastating for a case and often it will simply be posted off to the defending lawyer, who upon watching it will immediately know if the case has any chance of standing up in court, let’s look at why it may or may not have a negative impact on your case:

Imagine, if you would, that you have had a car accident, you are a builder by trade and you have a case of whiplash, the doctor or hospital have seen you and said you are not fit to work for a period of time.  You may be photographed or filmed out doing the shopping, this needn’t be a problem though, as the doctor had said you are not fit for work, not that you are incapable of walking around the supermarket, so a good solicitor shouldn’t necessarily worry about this situation.

The more problematic evidence would be when you have lied or exaggerated about the injury to the courts and said how you are laid up in bed and can barely get up to visit the toilet, but are then filmed driving down to the local park for a game of football with your kids, so the main thing is if your claim is genuine you shouldn’t have any problems, whether you are filmed or not.

As long as you have a good, no win no fee solicitor on your side and you are being honest about the injury you have a very good chance of gaining compensation. I know our local solicitor is an expert in these type of claims, but if you don’t know one, make sure you find an expert, I can pretty much guarantee they would tell you to be honest about the claim though.