It’s a funny thing coffee, some days I only drink one or two cups, others I drink about 10, either way I certainly struggle to start the day without it, although my very first drink is always a nice cup of earl grey tea.  But from then on and throughout the day it’s coffee all the way. The problem I have is that if I don’t have any coffee at all I do feel tired that day and end up with a weird headache, not that it really hurts or anything, it just feels a bit like it’s been stuffed full of cotton wool. If I drink too much I have the same problem, it just makes my head fuzzy and I find it hard to concentrate on one thing, I suppose that’s due to the caffeine.

The thing I find the most strange about it is that although caffeine is a stimulant it can also have the opposite effect if I drink too much of it. Plus in the days (which are long gone by the way) when I used to drink vodka red-bull I never seemed to get the same feeling, or perhaps that was just that the effect of alcohol was stronger than that of caffeine so I didn’t notice it.

drinking coffeeSo as I sit here drinking coffee and writing, I’m wondering if I should be drinking it at all, it’s only instant which doesn’t seem to be nearly as caffeine laden as proper filter coffee. I speak from experience here, as I used to work for a company who had one of those coffee machines in the kitchen, you know the type, the ones which have little sachets of ready ground coffee, you put them in the machine and close the door, they then pierce the seal and pour boiling water in until the bottom bursts and it all pours into your cup below.  They were graded by strength and I always used to drink the number four, so second from strongest, I don’t think there was a day that I left work from there without a fuzzy coffee head!

These days I only drink proper filter coffee or espresso based drinks at the weekends and after a meal, although as Michael Macintire (yes, I do know that’s probably spelt wrong, but you know who I mean) pointed out in one of his standup sketches, why would we even consider drinking coffee at that time of night, if anyone offered you coffee at 10 in the evening when you were just sitting around watching the TV you would think they were totally mad.

So when I do make a proper gourmet coffee at home it’s usually something fairly strong and either Columbian or Brazilian as they seem to come up with the flavours I really like, I think it’s the Arabica bean, although I could be wrong about that too as my spell checker is saying it’s spelt wrong, but not giving me any other options.

So am I going to stop drinking coffee? Nope not a chance, Am I going to cut down a bit at least? Highly unlikely! I just enjoy a good cup of coffee so will just keep on drinking it.