As I sit here looking out the window it feels like the summer is drawing to an end already, in fact we’ve had thunder storms here for the last couple of days, although today I’m sitting here working, well, mainly working, listening to the drumming of rain on the panes of glass beside my desk.

It really feels as if it’s been a much more positive year than the last few, news seems to be a bit more upbeat, with much less about war and even the occasional story about how the economy is beginning to improve, albeit quite slowly, but it does seem that people have a bit of money in their pockets again and are beginning to start spending again, in some cases I’ve seen significant house extensions being built around here and even the local pub seems a bit busier again.

In fact looking at these old windows and talking about home improvements reminds me that we had decided to have these windows changed just before the recession kicked in, then we decided it was better to sit tight for a while and see what happened before spending any money, but I feel that the time has come to have new double, or possibly even triple glazing put in.

To be honest it’s not just the cost which puts me off but also the upheaval which goes with it. New windows means that there will be decorating repairs to be done, possibly in every room. I’m thinking that the old plastic needs to go and nice timber ones can be fitted in their place, but of course that means some cosmetic damage to the walls because the whole frames will be coming out. That leaves us with the dilemma of if we then repair and make good, or bite the bullet and work our way round the whole house redecorating, a thought which I don’t cherish.

The problem is that we bought the house about 10 years ago and there was a list as long as your arm, my arm or possibly both arms combined of things which needed to be done, decorating was a given, although rooms needed to be skimmed by a plasterer first and all carpets needed replacing, we are all but done now though with just the small, unused junk room remaining in it’s original state. Then there was the insulation, the entire garden, a new kitchen, you get the idea! Unfortunately due to a number of factors the windows didn’t get done, so now we have very drafty double glazing with popped units with condensation inside, so they really need to be done, I’d quite like something nice, but we’ll have to see how much it costs throughout the house.

Anyway I just hope we don’t have another winter quite as long and cold as the last one was for quite some time, so perhaps triple glazing is a bit excessive.

So anyway, on that note, here’s to hoping the weather picks up a bit again, it should do, we are still in July after all and I remember some years when August and September were the best months of the year.